Hazardous Materials Society

Scholarship Committee


The Committee on Scholarships, whose purpose is to work with the Finance Committee and staff to fund an annual scholarship program. This committee will construct an annual scholarship program that will solicit and accept applications from undergraduate or graduate students whose courses of study are leading to a career in the hazardous materials, dangerous goods, environment, health and safety communities of practice. The committee will construct the form, process of consideration and approval or rejection, prerequisites, conflicts of interest, and substance of an application for funding. Having created an annual timeline and announcements of its work, the committee will report to the Board on the results of its recommendations sixty [60] days in advance of any final announcements, including but not limited to a statement that the recommendations are without conflicts of interest between committee members and applicants. The committee will also create an appropriate process to formally name the scholarship awarded by HMS. The Board will then inform the committee of its review and comment on the committee’s recommendations.


Designation Name Term Expires
Chair Dan Levine, Monroe Township, NJ, CHMM 12/31/2022
  Robert P. Wachsmuth, Des Plaines, IL., CHMM 12/31/2022
  Sang-Tae Kim, Lincoln, CA., CHMM 12/31/2022
  James Charlton, II, Augusta, SC., CHMM 12/31/2022
  Patrice Lehocky, Pittsburgh, PA., CHMM 12/31/2022
  Mark Sandoval, Boise, ID, CHMM 12/31/2022
  Tomokazu Taniuchi, Las Vegas, NV, CHMM 12/31/2022
  Elizabeth Romano, Boise, ID, CHMM 12/31/2022
  John Donnelly, Chesapeake, VA , CHMM 12/31/2022
  Erich Nolan, Rancho Cordova, CA  , CHMM 12/31/2022
Board Liaison Allison King  
Staff Liaison Member Services Coordinator