Hazardous Materials Society

Education and Training Committee


The Committee on Education and Training, whose purposes include being responsible for enlisting the support of education and training vendors and including the programs of these vendors on the HMS website. This committee is further responsible for reviewing, approving, rejecting, or amending education and training programs proposed for the HMS website. The committee will communicate with education and training vendors on the education and training needs of our certificant and potential certificants and others with whom HMS and IHMM work on education and training needs. The committee is responsible for working with staff and will be responsible for developing and presenting a comprehensive annual education and training curriculum that facilitates long-term planning and the successful promotion of all HMS programs.

NOTE: If you participate in any of the IHMM committees whose purpose is the construction of credentials or the item banks or tests relating to the IHMM credentials you are not eligible to participate in the education and training efforts that support those credentials. We abide by the same ANSI conflict of interest policies that bind IHMM.


DesignationNameTerm Expires
ChairDiana L. Lundelius, Dallas, TX,  CHMM12/31/2022
 Edwin C. Slesak, Royal Oak, MI, CHMM12/31/2022
 Steven C. Ross, Las Vegas, NV, CHMM12/31/2022
 Oliver J. Toigo, III, Great Falls, VA12/31/2022
 Robert P. Wachsmuth, Des Plaines, IL, CHMM12/31/2022
 Sang-Tae Kim, Lincoln, CA., CHMM12/31/2022
 Matthew S. Phillips, Murfreesboro, TN, CHMM 12/31/2022
 Menczel T. Gogo, Houston, TX, ASHM12/31/2022
 Custodio Valentim Muianga, Atlanta, GA., CHMM12/31/2022
 Joseph Sondag, Richland, WA., CHMM12/31/2022

Andrew Hinton, Glasgow, KY, CHMM


 Jason Dean, Hazelwood, MO, CHMM12/31/2022
 Edwin C. Slesak, Royal Oak, MI, CHMM12/31/2022
 Molly Holden, Irving, TX, CHMM12/31/2022

Loren J. Larson, Minneapolis, MN, CHMM

 Richard Cartwright, East Amherst, NY, CHMM12/31/2022
 David Wilson, Dallas, TX, CHMM12/31/2022