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The Committee on Member Services, whose responsibility it is to construct and present affinity programs for the benefit of our certificants, members, and supporters. The committee will work with staff to conduct the necessary research to determine what programs are of the greatest demand from our communities of practice, leveraging our numbers to identify appropriate, finding credible vendors of goods and services to meet demands, and presenting them as HMS affinity programs. The committee’s activities will emphasize meeting the reduction of costs to the greatest number of HMS’ communities of practice while securing a reasonable fee for endorsing the offers of goods and services the committee chooses.


DesignationNameTerm Expires
ChairLoren J. Larson, Minneapolis, MN, CHMM12/31/2022
 James Charlton, II, Augusta, SC., CHMM12/31/2022
 Scott Czarnecki, Osceola, IN, CHMM12/31/2022
 Kelly Peters, Wentzville, MO, CHMM12/31/2022
 Jose Perez, Tulare, CA, CSHM12/31/2022
 Adrienne Mesick, Moline, IL, CDGP12/31/2022
 Darren Alexander, Weatherford, TX, CSHM12/31/2022
 Stacy Brault, Denmark, WI,  CHMM6/16/2022
 William Katt, CHMM6/16/2020
 Scott Stover, CHMM7/5/2022
Staff Liaison Tom BaseMember Services Director