Hazardous Materials Society

HMS Conferences

HMS partners with and supports several conferences and trade shows and this is the space where you can find the latest information on those activities.

College & University Hazardous Materials Management Conference

August 7-12, 2021

This conference is currently planned as being virtual.

Registrations Open.

ASSP Safety21 Conference & Expo

September 13-15, 2021

Austin, Texas

This is a hybrid conference of both virtual and in-person events

EnviroWorkShops Global 2021 EnviroSummit

POSTPONED to April 4-7, 2022

Sheraton Charlotte Hotel, Charlotte, North Carolina

North American Hazardous Materials Management Association

Annual Hazardous Materials Management Conference

September 27-October 1, 2021

This conference will be entirely virtual.

Federation of Environmental Technologists Environment 2021 Conference

December 7-9, 2021

The Ingleside Hotel, Pewaukee, Wisconsin

This will be an in-person event – more information here.

AHMP 2021 National Conference

July 25-28, 2021
This meeting is entirely virtual

More information here. Registrations Open.

Ohio Safety Congress & Expo 2021

March 10-11, 2021

This year we’re offering online learning sessions and a digital expo, allowing participants to learn remotely and chat virtually with presenters and exhibitors.

As always, attendance is FREE.

National Safety Council Congress & Expo

March 1-5, 2021

This conference will be entirely virtual.