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The respected Kaiser Family Foundation recently reported that the cost of family health coverage now exceeds $20,000 a year – a record high cost that is pushing an increasing number of Americans into plans that cover less and cost more, or force them out of health insurance altogether.

Haven’t you had enough of the health insurance industry/government exchanges run-around where you have few, if any, choices and ever-increasing costs?

HMS has worked with the best people in the health insurance industry to deliver a program exclusively for HMS members that solves this problem. The HMS Health Insurance Program empowers our small to medium sized businesses with stronger coverage at lower cost than is found in the ACA commercial marketplaces where you get insurance today

  • HMS’ Health Insurance Program leverages our numbers to provide our members and certificants the same type of savings previously only available to large companies – though HMS applicants need to have 2 or more employees to qualify for consideration.
  • HMS’ Health Insurance Program allows you to construct your health insurance contents the way it benefits you most. You no longer have to take whatever an insurance company puts on a government exchange.
  • HMS’ Health Insurance Program allows you to be eligible to receive a premium refund in a plan year when your claims are good. When was the last time your health insurance broker gave you money back?
  • HMS’ Health Insurance Program gives you and all plan participants 100% credit for the deductibles paid to another plan when you switch – so you don’t have to worry about “starting all over again,” so switch now and save money.
  • HMS’ Health Insurance Program takes the complicated and makes it easy.
  • HMS’ Health Insurance Program guarantees your annual rates once quoted and enrolled.
  • HMS’ Health Insurance Program allows you to leave the program without surcharges or penalties.
  • HMS’ Health Insurance Program allows you to use your own broker if you like – just let us know who that is on the form below.

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    The Hazardous Materials Society (HMS) and Aetna Meritain Health offer special health insurance pricing exclusively for HMS members.

    Here are some key features of our HMS member’s program:

    • Exclusive discounts on group medical plans and voluntary benefits for groups of 2+ employees
    • The types of discounts that only used to be available for large companies now being created for small to medium companies.
    • Opportunities to receive premium refunds based on the performance of your group
    • Telemedicine Benefit program included
    • Wellness programs and services designed to help improve employee health, productivity and retention
    • Leverage the numbers of IHMM/HMS members to create lower costs for you

    Some restrictions may apply.

    For more information on how we can help you with your health care needs, simply complete and submit the form.