June 14, 2021


It is with great pleasure we announce the formation of a professional organization dedicated to serve all hazardous materials professionals, especially those like you with IHMM certifications like CHMM, CHMP, CDGP, CDGT, Student CHMM, CSHM, CSMP, and ASHM.  The Hazardous Materials Society (HMS) became official on May 19, 2019. HMS works in collaboration with IHMM to ensure your needs are served.  For more information about our vision, mission, and goals, we invite you to check out our website at www.hazmatsociety.org.

The main goal of HMS is to serve as a platform for our members to expand their knowledge in hazardous materials management and enhance their opportunities for career growth through continuous education (webinars, in-person and on-line training). We also promote the profession and the science of hazardous materials management.  HMS plans to provide opportunities for fellowship and networking among peers in industry, academia, and government.

HMS is an independent, self-driven membership organization.  We will partner with related organizations to provide mutually beneficial opportunities for education and networking.

The leadership of HMS is shown below.

HMS Board of Directors

Robert West, Chair

Dr. Rampur Viswanath, Vice-Chair

Ron Wilkins, Treasurer

Allison King, Secretary

Elena Capsuto, Director


If you need further information, please contact info@hazmatsociety.org


Bob West, CHMM

Chairman, HMS