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Legionnaires disease is a significant hazard in the industrial environment, particularly in HVAC systems and industrial water and wastewater applications. Industrial hygienists should be able to recognize the areas where legionnaires may propagate, what the signs and symptoms of infection are, and understand how to implement methods of control. During this webinar, we will look at the history of legionnaires disease, discuss a couple of case studies, and examine several methods of control in the workplace.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

– Identify high-risk locations for legionella bacteria exposure
– Describe the signs and symptoms of a Legionella infection
– List at least two methods of control
– Explain the biology of legionella bacteria and the common treatment of the disease

This interactive webinar is presented LIVE consisting of a 1-hour lecture and 30 minutes of Q&A. A Premium Membership subscription to the Bowen EHS® Member Center is required.

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