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Hazardous material shippers need to be certified by qualified personnel before preparing dangerous goods for transportation. As a health and safety professional, it’s good to know the hazard classifications, the modes of transportation, and their governing bodies along with the regulatory framework surrounding the transport of dangerous goods. While this presentation does not provide enough information to qualify an individual to ship dangerous goods, it is beneficial to those new to the requirement to get a baseline education on the topic.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

– Define a dangerous good
– Identify and educate on forms of transportation (land, air, and sea)
– Detail each governing organization associated with the transportation method (DOT, IATA, IMDG)
– Provide some education on where to start when you need to ship a dangerous good

This LIVE interactive webinar is a 1-hour lecture and 30 minutes of Q&A. A Premium Membership subscription to the Bowen EHS® Member Center is required.

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