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The construction of segmental prefabricated concrete wells can be used to combine temporary and permanent work into a single watertight coating system. This optimization of the construction sequence offers significant advantages during construction. The method can often be used in complex areas with minimal disruption to the public and without drying up the construction. On many projects, cost-benefit analyses have often shown that this method is less costly in the long run.
It is widely used worldwide and can offer advantages over well-building methods more commonly used in the North American market. During this interactive webinar, Joe Anderson, a specialist at Golder, will present the concept of building prefabricated segmental wells and explain how they can support your projects.

This webinar entitles you to continuing education credits.

Learning Objectives:
• Current civil engineering well techniques and challenges
• Prefabricated well elements on jacks
• Conditions under which this method of building wells is optimal
• Typical construction sequence for prefabricated wells on jacks