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Aarcher Institute’s Original Environmental Compliance Bootcamp provides you with the critical regulatory and technical knowledge needed to prevent risks at your organization.

Gain A New Perspective on The Full Range of Environmental Compliance Requirements

The Original Environmental Compliance Bootcamp™ is our most popular course among experienced professionals and those new to the environmental field. Thousands of students have attended this course, and referred their colleagues. Join fellow environmental professionals and our team of instructors to study environmental requirements and learn from real-life regulatory challenges and innovative compliance strategies.

Offered across the country, The Original Environmental Compliance Bootcamp course has delivered proven value, year after year, to environmental managers with recently expanded responsibilities, and seasoned EH&S professionals in need of a refresher. This course establishes a foundation of core technical issues and breaks down the environmental legislative and rule making processes, before providing a clear and complete presentation of principle environmental regulations applicable to most facilities and organizations.

While many of the Aarcher Institute advanced courses focus on specific environmental laws, requirements, or management strategies, providing detailed/expert instruction on those topics, our Bootcamp course provides broad coverage of environmental challenges and regulations.

This course is valuable for a wide range of professionals, including EH&S managers, environmental compliance specialists, other facility and site personnel with environmental and supply chain responsibilities, environmental consultants and engineers, as well as other professional office staff. Whether you need to review all environmental requirements to verify you are not missing anything, get introduced to the full range of environmental requirements, or take a fresh look at the current status of the regulations, this course is perfect.

The Original Environmental Compliance BootcampTM covers a wide range of technical and regulatory information and is a rigorous 4 days. To keep the course interesting and enjoyable, the Aarcher Institute uses multiple instructors, a video facility tour, and planned breaks. Courses are held in pleasant and easily accessible locations, and training venues are selected to allow you to escape distractions and focus on the presented material in a professional setting. All locations offer wireless service and Internet access so you can stay connected. Because our instructors teach exclusively for the Aarcher Institute, using our exclusive content, course modules are presented in logical sequences and information is not fragmented and does not overlap. Discussions among instructors and participants explore unique environmental management challenges and proven compliance strategies. All participants are encouraged to ask questions throughout the course.

Aarcher Institute instructors cover a wide range of topics in separate training modules, each focusing on the intent of the environmental requirement, applicability, and specific physical, administrative, planning, preparedness, and training requirements. Each training module includes practical compliance strategies and open discussion.

The Original Environmental Compliance BootcampTM provides participants with a foundation for identifying and understanding environmental requirements applicable to your organization. You will leave with a more complete understanding of the environmental regulatory framework, and with improved awareness and knowledge to prevent mistakes and minimize risks to your organization. We believe in the value of lifelong learning, and this course provides a core of environmental regulatory knowledge to prepare you for career success.

More than 6,000 students have gained a stronger understanding of environmental laws, regulations, and programs that affect your organization, how they relate to one another, and how they can be more effectively managed by completing this course by the Aarcher Institute.

You will return from this course with a course binder; useful references; example documents and other tools for your use when you return from the course; instructor contact information; your notes from the presentations and discussions; and an embossed certificate.

If you maintain professional credentials requiring continuing education credits, The Original Environmental Compliance BootcampTM has been approved by all environmental, safety, legal, and engineering certifying bodies.

We understand that you have a choice of environmental regulatory training options, including self-paced on-line slide sets, webinars, conferences, update bulletins, and instructor-led, live courses. We believe the most effective learning experience is created from live courses, where participants are able to spend a few days focusing on a topic, guided by expert instructors presenting material in a personal and engaging manner, responding to questions, and encouraging participants to share personal perspectives and experiences with one another.

This course was developed and is continually refined to adjust the topics presented and amount of time committed based on the challenges faced by todays environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) managers. Each topic includes compliance recommendations and insights created by our instructor team. The training materials in this course are owned by the Aarcher Institute and not available through any other source.

As we evolve and improve our team, we select our instructors very carefully, just as we do our course materials. Our instructors are highly qualified, practicing EH&S professionals and compliance experts who have been carefully selected based on their regulatory knowledge, relevant perspectives, professionalism, and demonstrated training ability. We are proud of our exclusive instructor team.

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