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Mine Closure in Northern Canada requires the same hierarchical considerations as any mine closure in the world: from physical and chemical stability through to environmental and socio-economic challenges, big or small. Mine closure gets interesting in the north with the unique challenges of the climate and climate change, the evolving and differing regulatory systems across jurisdictions, the emphasis on collaboration and consultation with both communities and the various First Nations, and the level of collaboration that has come to be expected. Big or small, the success of designing, regulating and activity closing a mine in Northern Canada is dependent on connecting the design, environment, First Nations’ collaboration and socio-economic drivers to each other simply and efficiently.

On June 23, please join Hilary Machtans, Björn Weeks, and Lasha Young for an hour webinar. They will walk you through the checklist of must-do’s for mine closure in Northern Canada, share with you both stories and learnings and lastly we will include time to discuss those questions that keep you up at night