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Course Description

This course is designed to meet and exceed OSHA’s Incident Commander training requirements found in 29 CFR 1910.120 (q). An on scene incident commander who assumes control of the incident scene beyond the first responder awareness level shall receive at least 24 hours of training and be competent in the following areas:

• Implement the employer’s incident command system.
• Implement the employer’s emergency response plan.
• Understand the hazards and risks associated with employees working in chemical protective clothing.
• Know how to implement the local emergency response plan.
• Knowledge of the state emergency response plan and of the Federal Regional Response Team.
• Understand the importance of decontamination procedures.

This 3-day course introduces participants to the incident command system as addressed by OSHA, as well as the National Fire Academy, EPA, and FEMA. Trainees will participate in contingency-planning development exercises as well as tabletop exercises designed to enhance their skills in planning and managing an emergency response utilizing an incident command structure.

MAR 10-12, MAY 12-14, NOV 3-5

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