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OSHA HAZWOPER requirements (29 CFR 1910.120(b-o) and 1926.59(b-o)) for cleanup operations apply to all employees who work at the site of an ordered cleanup or who are contracted to cleanup a release after a HAZWOPER emergency response has occurred concerning an OSHA hazardous substance. An OSHA hazardous substance to include DOT hazardous materials, CERCLA hazardous substances, RCRA hazardous wastes, disease-causing agents, and includes petroleum products with a flashpoint of 200 F or less.

Course Features
– Basics of hazardous materials.
– Procedures for handling hazardous materials, known and unknown.
– Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for hazardous waste site cleanups.
– Site control.
– Decontamination.

Participants Receive:
– Midwest Consortium Training Manual.
– Institute Compendium of OSHA Rules
– Institute HAZWOPER Cleanup Reference Book
– Hands-on practice in:
– Monitoring for chemicals.
– Personal protective equipment, including the use of SCBA equipment.
– Drum Handling.
– Decontamination.