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repare to meet the March 1 deadline for Tier II reports and the July 1 deadline for Toxics Release Inventory (Form R or Form A) reports, by learning how to properly determine if you must submit these reports and learning how to prepare your reports according to EPA’s latest regulations.

The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA or SARA Title III) requires you to inform your community of the hazardous chemicals that are stored or used at your site, as well as releases of these chemicals to the environment.

This 1-day course provides you with an understanding of the regulatory requirements as well as detailed instructions on how to ensure your facility is in compliance and how to report these chemicals under various federal and state programs. Join us for this important seminar and come and network with environmental professionals from around the U.S. Bring your family and make a vacation out of it!

Training Topics

  • Identify which chemicals are subject to EPCRA reporting
  • Notifying your LEPC and identifying releases that trigger immediate notifications
  • LEPC required submission information
  • Determining whether your chemicals trigger Tier II reports
  • Performing Tier II inventory calculations for liquids, gases, and mixtures
  • Complete and submit Tier II reports
  • Determine if your chemical activities trigger Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Form R or Form A reports
  • Determine if you qualify for any TRI exemptions
  • Complete and submit Form R and Form A reports
  • Handle difficult situations, such as what to do if you failed to file prior year EPCRA reports or need to update past reports