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Here is some helpful information that demonstrates the value of attending the COSTHA Annual Forum:

QUALITY CONTENT –Technical programs selected by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Immerse yourself in business, technical sessions, and trainings focused on the safe and compliant global transportation of dangerous goods. Presentations are downloaded for sharing.

MEET THE EXPERTS –Connect with regulatory representatives and experts from around the world.

NETWORKING –Grow your network.Meet with colleagues from around the world to share ideas and insights.

VALUE – The COSTHA Forum delivers incredible benefits. In just a few value-packed days, your investment will pay off in increased knowledge, and a powerful professional network.

TRAINING – Essential training at an extraordinary value… all at one time, all in one place. Training is provided by well-known industry professionals.

INVESTING BACK IN THE INDUSTRY – COSTHA uses revenue from the Forum to support many other important projects and initiatives to encourage global harmonization of the regulations and enhance safety.

EDUCATION – Earn Continuing Education Credits or Certification Maintenance Points (CMPs) for attending the general session and training courses.

SHARE THE SMARTS –Knowledge Transfer with your team.

Networking Opportunities

You won’t want to miss the networking opportunities at the COSTHA Annual Forum. In today’s challenging economic environment, when you have to pick and choose travel and meeting attendance carefully, make sure you choose this business critical conference – The Leader in Value for You and Your Company. Below are some tips to help you get the most valuable networking experience from the COSTHA Annual Forum:

Scan the list of speakers and attendees and decide who you want to meet with. Review the COSTHA Annual Forum Brochure ahead of time and decide which events you want to attend.
Know what your organization’s goals and targets are before you arrive at the meetings.
Interact with industry contacts facing the same issues as your organization.
Attend the Sunday Night Ice Breaker and take advantage of this informal networking opportunity (first time attendees will not want to miss this).
Visit the exhibit hall, for access to vendor contacts showcasing tools which you can evaluate for potential future use.
Sign up for training to meet your training requirements and attend workshops showcasing best practices that will immediately benefit your group.
Read name tags to explore networking opportunities, especially when you are standing in line.
Introduce yourself each time you sit down or approach a new group of people. Keep your business cards at hand, and give them out generously.
Set goals at the onset of each event to meet at least one new person, learn at least one useful thing, and have a substantive discussion with a new acquaintance.
If you make a contact with someone, make sure you follow up afterward, or follow up with information promised immediately. Make yourself a follow up plan, including contact names, company information, how you met, and your follow up action plans.
Make the connection, don’t leave it to chance.