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The CHMM Exam – Essential Practice by Farcas, Hammond, and Cena is, as the name implies, an essential set of questions for the Certified Hazardous Materials Manager exam. This book is well laid out in 14 sections. It draws the reader in, which certainly assists with the increased retention of the amount of material that has to be covered. The questions are well introduced with a short narrative before introducing the pertinent equations and solution to the over 450 examples of essential questions. The book serves as a formidable preparation for the CHMM exam and a good review of basic principles, a reference for many of the day-to-day technical issues confronting the practicing worker’s safety, and a guide for raising awareness of potential problems for which alert action is required. The authors bring a breadth of experience and insight into the issues handled in the text. They bring context to the basic principles to be highlighted by the examples of the questions and their solutions. CHMM Exam – Essential Practice should be a must-have text for everyone in the field. Michael McCawley, Ph.D., West Virginia University.

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