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Focusing on the analysis and application of hazardous materials regulations, the Institute’s Advanced Materials Management course explores a succession of individual management issues and representative compliance situations. Challenging case studies demonstrate practical methods to analyze both familiar and new situations. Course topics are presented by management activity (release reporting, emergency planning, right- to-know, etc.), emphasizing efficient methods for hazardous materials managers to conduct their daily activities.

This course also provides an intensive review of the chemical and toxicological properties of hazardous materials, regulations governing their use, and management practices to achieve safe, cost-effective compliance. It is an excellent way to prepare for professional certification examinations, such as the Certified Hazardous Materials Manager examination.

Advanced Hazardous Materials Management presents an overview of the structure of government regulatory programs, their interrelationships, and their implications for hazardous materials management while providing an opportunity to discuss these issues with other professionals.

Course Features
– An opportunity for trainees to select emphasis areas before taking the CHMM exam.
– A review of the fundamentals of compliance – emphasizing tort law, regulatory development, enforcement procedures, and the roles and perspectives of regulatory agencies
– An analysis of the scope, structure, and relationships of the eleven principal Hazmat laws
– A comparison of the many Hazmat terms and lists
– A review of basic environmental chemistry terms and concepts
– An analysis of the OSHA, EPA, HMIS, NFPA, and DOT health and physical hazards
– An overview of TSCA information-gathering authorities and their potential impact
– A review of the management of special materials such as asbestos, lead, CFCs, pesticides, and PCBs
– A comparison of the different programs to clean up contaminated sites – including RCRA, UST and CERCLA
– The general requirements for shipping hazardous materials: new definitions, shipping names, and placarding, labeling, and marking requirements

Participants Receive
– The Environmental Management Institute’s coursebook, providing topical outlines and key reference materials.
– A copy of the NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
– A copy of the Emergency Response Guide
– A copy of Managing Hazardous Materials – A Definitive Text edited by our own Borgias and Bradfield. (If you bring you own copy of the book, there will be a reduction of the course fee.)