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HAZWOPER training is required in any industry in which employees work with hazardous materials or are involved in the clean-up of hazardous materials or waste. The goal of HAZWOPER training is to instruct employees about how they should protect themselves and their immediate environment in instances when hazardous materials are released.

While it’s self-evident that verticals like the petroleum and chemical waste industries require HAZWOPER training, other industries that mandate this type of training may not be as obvious. Although it may be hard to believe, some of the products that are used to make art are considered hazmat, such as used paint. The construction, automotive, HVAC, medical supply, plastics and pest control product industries are more examples of verticals that may require HAZWOPER training.

If you and your employees need to take a HAZWOPER refresher course and you want to complete your training at your convenience, sign up with Hazmat School to get started right away. As soon as you finish the training you will receive a certification immediately.

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