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For shipments using Ground Transportation in the United States; also known as DOT. Fulfills US DOT and International Law Training Requirements.

49CFR Training is required for shippers who prepare dangerous goods shipments for highway transit using the 49CFR regulations.

The 2-Day 49CFR webinar is designed for basic shippers, freight forwarders, third party logistics entities, carriers and freight brokers. Recurrent training is required every 3 years for 49CFR.

49CFR 2-Day Initial Webinar Topics:

Format of the Regulations
Training Requirements
Hazard Classes
Proper Classification Criteria
Packing Groups
Packing, UN Packaging
The Hazardous Materials Table
Hazardous Substances
Marine Pollutants
General and UN Specification
Packing Requirements
Limited Quantities
Limited Discussion of RAM & Explosives